"Decode Your Future" Youth Manual

​A fresh and current manual for today's youth, "DECODE YOUR FUTURE" is a must for the next generation of women. Our experts give you an array of valuable tips you need to become today's "IT GIRL." Showing your body respect first, is the secret that will allow you to enjoy a long and fulfilled life. In the era of "ALL LIVES MATTER", we adamantly profess the importance of early "BREAST HEALTH EDUCATION" giving you the choice and the power to fight back through early detection. A "NEW FACE OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS" is effortlessly delivered through fun pages filled with tips about music and dance, fashion and beauty but also pages filled with lifesaving facts. In a semi-serious and approachable tone, we aim to entertain you, while gently planting the seed of "PREVENTION." "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER" and with this "easy read" you will be able to decode your future, learning about your risks and the appropriate choices regarding fitness, nutrition, spirituality, your professional future and your environment. A "girl best friend," a complete guide to a bright future, encouraging you to take action and join our campaign "got checked?" GET IT DONE!!!

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iTunes $.99