In 2015, Linda Bonanno a fellow survivor joined forces with Cioffi as Co-Founder, Partner, & Creative Director and proceeded to translate the campaign into the "got checked?" brand.

A NEW FACE OF BREAST CANCER AWARENESS started taking shape, a message delivered through music, videos, youths literature, fitness gear & fun.

  • July 6th 2016, became official "got checked?" day in Babylon; We're currently working with officials to involve Suffolk County entirely
  • Next stop Albany to tackle the whole state of New York
  • We are hoping soon to have a national "got checked?" day (for more info and to get involved go to: "Run With the Crew" tab)

It's time for action; we're leaving all with a "got checked?" GET IT DONE!!!

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First Company Pink is a not for profit organization on the front line of PREVENTION. While raising funds for life saving BREAST CANCER RESEARCH, we also promote and support education and public awareness projects. We are vigilant in our effort to eradicate breast cancer in this lifetime. 

Founded in April 2010 by Donna Cioffi, following her personal battle with breast cancer Donna felt a personal responsibility to reach women of all ages and encourage them to answer this critical question "got checked?" yes or no!

With these two powerful words "got checked?" the campaign was born...

While always supporting research towards a cure, we are today LASER FOCUSED ON EDUCATING OUR YOUTHabout their breast cancer risks, allowing them to discover the life saving power of INTERVENTION and lead them to early DETECTION. With a 2% yearly increase in breast cancer diagnosis in young women we can no longer overlook the fact that 1 in 227 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 30. We realized that whatever was done in the past to create awareness, didn't work for many and the information out there was not meant for a younger generation. Also of critical importance was the realization of a lack of resources regarding this "global crisis" in the school curriculum. Through a fresh and current approach using tools such as music, videos, and our new book "Decode Your Future" we are able to reach a new audience of young women. These are the women we created our INTERACTIVE BREAST HEALTH WORKSHOP for; soon to be instituted in Suffolk County School Districts we aim to penetrate schools all over our nation and any establishment with a predominant female population. (For more info and to get involved go to: "Run With the Crew" tab)

​​How It Began

Mission Statement

First Company Pink

an independent 501(c)(3) non- profit organization
PARTNERED WITH THE BREAST CANCER RESEARCH FOUNDATION are passionately committed to ending Breast Cancer in this lifetime. 100% of your donation will support the efforts of the world's most renowned scientists and researchers.

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